Exploring the Social Media Side of Online Casinos

Although many claim the public is oversaturated with social media and its influence is softly weakening, its power is still prominent enough to help create brand awareness. Online casinos licensed in the UK use it to their advantage and create intriguing campaigns that often wind up being the hot topic at the water cooler. In our guide, we discuss what makes a good social media campaign and how online gambling companies capitalize on the buzz.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media campaigns are utilized to show the other side of a certain casino brand. While traditional TV and newspaper ads can be fun, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are where marketing teams can get more creative. Casino campaigns are more personal and enable players to feel a closer connection than a classic (and very expensive) TV advertisement during peak hours.

The main difference between traditional ads and social media campaigns is that the latter rarely focus on spinning slots for free and direct player acquisition. It could be said that it takes a longer but more reliable path to win over potential customers and keep those already signed up happy and engaged. Marketers get direct feedback and can communicate with the audience with no filter.

Popular Online Casino Campaigns

It is natural to wonder what makes a casino campaign a good one. It is a personal approach, cultural relevance, and self-awareness. Let’s take Paddy Power’s Fan Denial campaign, which started on YouTube and spread like wildfire across other online channels, as an example.

Fan Denial is a campaign that writes itself. Paddy Power simply gathers Tweets, statuses, and streams of fans of losing teams and puts them all in one place with a David Attenborough-style commentary. Without mentioning betting, gambling, or bonuses, the Irish iGaming giant managed to create a campaign that has been going on for four years.

888poker took a completely different but still effective approach. By managing its online channels under the credo “We Play Different”, this brand provides plenty of sports analysis, tips, guides, and strategies. In 2021, Wheelz Casino hit the headlines by teaming up with Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. Who knew that making a 1980s star your spokesperson would be so effective?

Does Social Media Help in Player Acquisition?

Fun and innovative campaigns help in player acquisition, but that is not the main intention. The main goal of such marketing promotions is to create brand awareness. The awareness may lead to acquisition at some point, but generally speaking, social media is more like running a marathon than it is a 100m race.

As can be noticed above, casino campaigns provide additional content rather than pushing sales (even when they offer legit reviews and additional info on gambling formats). When potential players decide to take a leap of faith and sign up, having positive connections and memories of the casino brand and its campaigns can only help.